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Preconstruction: Our preconstruction / planning process is very thorough and well tested. From the earliest conceptual design stages, iConstructors offers services that create the maximum value while minimizing issues. Our process focuses on conveying the concept of the architect and client to the construction team members and subcontractors so each requirement can be analyzed for its cost/benefit contribution. The end product of this phase results in a very detailed, competitive line item pricing and delivery schedule that we stand behind.


Design Build: By placing the design and construction responsibility in the hands of iConstructors, there is a single source of responsibility for managing all aspects of the project. This generally results in cost savings for our clients through expediency of delivery and reduced administration. Acting on behalf of our clients, we use strategic architectural and subcontractor trade alliances to effectively design and manage the construction delivery process.


General Contracting Services: As a licensed General Contractor throughout the State of Florida, our Team Members have constructed 1000’s of projects together all over the State, never one with a missed deadline or budget overage that affected our clients. This occurs as a direct result of quality planning and strict adherence to proven processes. All projects start out with a very detailed line item budget breakout so every cost is tracked. In addition, a very detailed Overall Project Schedule is prepared depicting all tasks necessary for the construction of the project, including Owner provided items. Through weekly project meetings where cost and schedule impacts are addressed, control of the process is maintained ensuring a successful result.


Green Building Services: iConstructors commitment to sustainable construction permeates everything we do, both in the office and on our jobsites. We are a member of the “Green Building Council”, all of our Project Management Team is LEED Certified. In the last 12 months, our Team has performed several LEED projects ranging in size from ground up bank branches to several high-rise, multi-floor interior build-outs. Even when our projects are not up for LEED certification, we go to great lengths to promote sustainability.


Post Construction: The closeout process at iConstructors is very thorough. It starts on day one of construction and continues through occupancy. We meticulously keep a record of all activity that occurred on the jobsite. Our closeout package consists of accurate as-built drawings, all warranties, O&M manuals, as well as a physical sample and list of all finishes to facilitate accurate matching in the future. In addition, at the 11 month interval, we have a walk-thru to ensure that no new warranty items have appeared. Our closeout period consists of 7 days for all punch-list items and 15 days to have our Closeout Manual prepared and delivered to our client.



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